1-to-4 Players

Chance to earn NFT Loot Drops

Cross-Game NFTs

Procedurally Generated Levels

Lore-Rich Experience

Discover Ancient Crates

The Tower has many mysteries...including thousands of undiscovered Ancient Crates. These crates contain 1 of the rarest, and most mysterious items in the game. Will you be the next to make the discovery?

Note that Ancient Crates are NFTs and you will need to have a Theta Network wallet connected in order to be eligible.

Undiscovered Ancient Crates

Recently Discovered Crates

dmcooper March 6, 2024 01:44
dmcooper February 14, 2024 23:57
dmcooper February 9, 2024 23:36
dmcooper February 8, 2024 15:56
dmcooper February 7, 2024 04:07
dmcooper February 6, 2024 20:56
dmcooper February 2, 2024 18:49
dmcooper January 22, 2024 03:44
dmcooper January 19, 2024 16:12
dmcooper January 17, 2024 01:14

Recently Opened Crates

#46 Fisher's Pouch...
#214 Wizard's Aura...
#165 Magical Rock...
#290 Magical Rock...

Play Solo or Bring Your Friends

Play solo or bring up to 3 friends to face the fiends of the tower. You'll each get your own loot - if you win, that is.

The Journey

Act 1: Awakening

An Oculus finds itself locked away in a dungeon, alongside thousands of its kind. With nothing more than a single memory, it decides that it must escape in order to bring happiness to its creator. However, the powerful foes and sorcerers in the tower above aren't too keen on having a weird floating eyeball around... Will our hero succeed, or be mercilessly squished?

Escape the dungeon and proceed through the lobby in Act 1, beginning your journey through the great Nozama Tower. Defeat enemies and multiple bosses along the way to uncover the story of the game, and you'll be rewarded with awesome loot that will help on repeat runs!

Acts 2 - 10

To be released...

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